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18 SOUND 18LW1400

18-in Extended LF Ferrite Transducer w/Carbon fiber reinforced straight ribbed cone 8 Ohms

18 SOUND 18LW2400

18-in High Power Extended LF Ferrite Transducer w/Weather protected cone and plates for ou...

18 SOUND 18LW2420

18 SOUND 18" 24000W WOOFER

18 SOUND 18NLW4000

Extended Low Frequency 18-in Woofer High Power w/neodymium magnet

18 SOUND 18NLW9400

18-in Extended LF Neodymium Transducer w/Weather protected cone and plates for outdoor usa...

18 SOUND 18NLW9601

18-in Extended LF Neodymium Driver w/Carbon fiber reinforced cellulose cone 8 Ohms Weather...

18 SOUND 18NLW96014OHM

18 SOUND 18" 4 OHM 3600W WOOFER

18 SOUND 18TLW3000

18-in Extended High Power Dual Voice Coil LF Ferrite Transducer w/Water repellent cone and...